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Pixelinc are experts at capturing you and your loved one’s Silly or Glam-Perfect moments and memories. It’s more than just the awesome photo print-outs. It’s about being the craziest versions of themselves with their friends and families right before the camera snaps. Having gained experience from working with a variety of clients from different backgrounds, we have found that clients find the most value in a successful event when every aspect of the event contributes to their desired theme, down to the very details. This is where Pixelinc comes in, allowing our clients to have a specialized customization of event photobooth and instant print services.We have a wide selection for your customization from fairy lights, shimmer curtains,3D Backdrops, to personalized props and photo templates.  Basic Photo Booth 2 Hrs: SGD3994R 250 Prints/Photo Strips 500 Prints Basic Wacky Props Collection High-Quality Soft Copies Tinsel Curtain Backdrop *Prints will stop at respective caps, photo taking will still continue till end of 2 hrs* Classic Photobooth 2 Hrs (Best Pick!): SGD499Unlimited Prints (4R/ Photo Strips) With High Speed Printer Classic Wacky Props Collection High-Quality Soft Copies Customized Template Overlay Variety of Backdrops from Classic Collection available! Premium Photo Booth 2 Hrs: SGD599(Price according to customization)Unlimited Prints (6 different sizes to choose from) With High Speed Printer Premium Wacky Props Collection High-Quality Soft Copies Customized Template Overlay Variety of Backdrops from Premium Collection Available / Customized Backdrop!(INCLUDING SIGNATURE FAIRY LIGHT BACKDROP!) Instant Print w/ Professional Roving Photographer 2 Hrs: SGD499 Unlimited Prints with High-Speed Sub-Dye Printer! Customized Template Overlay High-Quality Soft Copies 1 Professional Roving Photographer for Group Shots InstaPrint 2 Hrs: SGD399Unlimited Prints with High-Speed Sub-Dye Printer!Customized Template OverlayPrinting Of Uploaded Instagram Photos. Additional hour for all services mentioned above are at $150/hr, subjected to availability. For Event Photography, D&Ds, Corporate Events, Birthday Parties: 1st 2 Hours - $250 Subsequent Hours - $120 / Hr For Wedding: Half Day(5 Hr) Coverage - $900 Full Day(12 Hr) Coverage - $1800 Inclusive of express editing for live screening of morning photos during wedding dinner.*Only applicable to Dinners* For Studio/Outdoor/Corporate Photoshoots, Contact us to discuss into details!

Eleventwo Media Wedding

Love is wonderful and magical. You can’t see it but you can feel it. Love brought the both of you together and formed a bond so strong that you can face the many challenges together in life, knowing that you have someone who will always be there for you.As an image maker, I try to capture the magical moments from your hearts. Imagine how your eyes lit up and you break into a beautiful smile when you see your love ones, all documented in an image. That is what I do, I capture moments that love showed through you.

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