Why use Aiido?

It's Transparent!

It's Transparent!

It's Safe

It's Safe

It's Easy!

It's Easy!

It's Transparent

Transparency is the first step in gaining your trust!

Price Transparency

Package details and prices are clearly listed, with no hidden fees. Book wedding packages from the wide selection and manage your own budget.

Authentic Reviews

Aiido guarantees that all the reviews are left by real customers, after experiencing the vendor's product and/or services personally.

Vendor Verification

Vendors listed on Aiido are verified manually to create a curated network with different verification status.

It's Safe

Your safety is our priority

No Booking Fee

Yay! To sweeten the deal, Aiido even absorbs the payment gateway charges for you!

Deposit protection

Providing you with a piece of mind, as the deposit will only be released to vendors after the service or product is delivered.

Transaction Safety

We use SSL technology to make sure all your personal information is safe with us. Our payment gateway is powered by Braintree, a subsidiary of Paypal.

Choose & pay online

Deposit secured by us

Enjoy your wedding

Vendors get paid

It's Easy

Book your wedding packages in a few clicks!

Flexible Browsing

Search for your desired wedding packages by categories and apply filters to narrow down the search results.

Real-time availability

Search and check your favourite vendor's availability in a few clicks

Easy Connection

Use Aiido messaging system to clarify your doubts before making booking. You can even request for a custom order based on your requirements.

Going the extra mile

We created the Vendor Verification process to build trust in our community and help to give you more information when you are deciding which vendor to book for your big day. So the verification badge is displayed on the vendor's profile and listing to help ensure the safety of our growing community.

Bronze Vendor

This vendor has completed basic verification by submitting supporting documents to Aiido.

Silver Vendor

This vendor has completed the verification process and was manually verified by Aiido team.

Gold Vendor

Aiido team has worked with this vendor and we recognized the quality of his/her works.

***Do note that the badge is not an endorsement or guarantee of the vendor's identity.

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