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About Melody Photography

  • From: Malaysia, Selangor
  • Speaks: Mandarin

Your wedding day is just that.. Yang is aimed to capture it in the most honest way possible. he is all about what’s real. His aim is to shoot what’s there, what’s happening, while at the same time, doing it creatively. This is your day to shine, so smile and enjoy it while Yang will capture your story.

Yang is available for wedding, portrait, fashion, special event and speaking engagements anywhere in the world.

Cancellation Policy- No-refund

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There will be no refund for any cancellation made due to any circumstances at any point in time after the transaction of the purchase of the service and/or product. More info on cancellation policies.

Payment Schedule

To secure a booking with this vendor, please pay a 50% deposit via Aiido. The deposit paid will be released to the vendor after the service/product is delivered.

Remaining balance of payment will be collected by the vendor - 50% to be paid on the date of delivery

Terms & Condition

1.) The Final delivery of final artwork requires approximately 6-8 weeks for wedding assignment. Same Day Edit Slideshow will need approximately 3 hours to deliver.

2.) In the event that the engaged photographer is unable to perform his/her duties due to sickness or any unforeseen circumstances, Melody Photographer will find a replacement for the client.

3.) A deposit is payable booking confirmation. The deposit is non-refundable and the balance payment will be made on the date of delivery of service. 

4.) Transportation and accommodation charges may apply for assignment out of Selangor

5.) Upon payment of deposit, you have agreed on the terms & conditions

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