A la carte Vs One Stop: Which is the better wedding planning option?

Posted on : 22 May 2017 | There are no comments yet | Articles
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When it comes time to begin planning for your wedding, would it be better to have a one stop wedding package option or would an a la carte individual service provide a more personalised touch? These are the questions that a newly engaged couple can come face-to-face with as they begin their journey into the wonderful world that is wedding planning. To help decide on which one is the more suitable wedding planning option for you, advantages and disadvantages of both choices are broken down below:




One Stop Wedding Package

Having a one stop wedding plan can come out cheaper overall since the stated price is inclusive of all the services put together. The bridal studio will include a fixed modelling and photography session, as well as fixed styles of dresses and suits for the bride and groom. Overall, this can make for a convenient option for couples who already have a busy lifestyle in amongst the wedding planning, yet are not too worried about generic services.

However, hidden costs and additional charges may be included in the overall price which can’t be broken down. Adding them all up, there might not be too much of a difference in price when compared to the a la carte wedding planning option.

One also has to keep in mind that bridal studios offering one stop services the themes and the background settings fixed meaning that every other couple who goes to the same bridal studio will have the same or similar outcomes.

A La Carte Wedding Planning

Planning your wedding based on individual services can give rise to a higher focus in quality control on each individual element of the wedding.

A greater level of customisation can also be achieved through a la carte wedding planning as well since themes, backgrounds and modelling styles are all chosen according to couple’s interests and personal taste.

It can be a little more expensive as a transparent price can be aligned with separate services.

It can be time consuming as well since the couple will have to personally pick and choose what they believe to be the service that reflects them the most. Therefore, if choosing the a la carte option for your wedding, it is best to plan ahead months in advance.


Taking both sides into account, it doesn’t really matter what wedding planning option you choose as long as it is what you feel is right for you. After all, it’s also about having fun throughout the whole wedding planning experience!





Article was written by Christine Yong


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