Aiistory Chapter 7: Dark Romance

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There is darkness to every light, shadows following out of sight. A never-ending connection. Love between two people is no different. Like shadows trailing behind wherever there’s light, marriage is a special bond in continually being by each other’s sides in both good and dark times alike. However, much as exploring darker aspects of Gothic Romance is becoming trendier in these current times, it is still a theme that is not widely accepted by brides in general, especially for the typical asian bride today.


Photo credit: Artfullywed



Yet, love is love regardless and a wedding is a once in a lifetime event as a result of it. So, to give inspiration to couples who would like a uniquely themed photoshoot to call their own, Aiido has partnered up with photographer Derrick from Karafuru to capture a dark romance with a soft hint of Gothic to allow more acceptance by asian brides. Half day service packages are available from $550.



A romance filled with mystery and passion is central to creating the feel of a Gothic inspired theme as represented by the photoshoot of our featured couple, Bernard and Jun Ying. Much of the wedding decor and props are centred towards a black and wine red palette to give off a creepy vampire feel to the photos. The added use of white candles in varying sizes gives the photos the timeless tone it needs for a dark romantic setting.

Set within an empty mansion containing an old winding staircase, it was the perfect place to give off that chilling superstitious atmosphere. With much of the backdrop being dark, patchy and rustic in colour, it highlights the unknown mysteries of the mansion that the bride and groom have yet to discover.




The flowers provided by Blanc Studios are arranged in such a way which emphasized the red of the roses amongst the duller green leaves and branches. It compliments the dark setting of a candlelight romance in an eerie manner.



Makeup and hair

With hair pulled back into a low braided ponytail to draw one’s attention to smoky eye makeup and bold red lips, it is timeless look completed by Yu-Hui Makeup and Hair. This style compliments the black gown and the red rose bouquet in the bride’s hands and hair. Beautiful, classy and elegant.

Check out her  pre-wedding photoshoot package from $300.




Loving the gorgeous floor length gown custom made by Kelly’s Bridals tailored to a dark romance themed. With spaghetti straps and a lightly embellished bodice connected together through a sweetheart neckline, the gown gives off a girlish innocence amongst the dark setting where love conquers all mysteries and obstacles in life.

Check out Kelly’s basic gown packages from $890.





With beautiful cinematography by Opochot present to capture your wedding experiences on film, it will leave you with warm feelings as you stroll down memory lane many year down the track. Check out  save-the-date packages from $1200.



If you are inspired by our Dark Romance photoshoot wedding theme and would like to find out more, simply contact Aiido or drop by to get the best prices for your wedding. After all, it is guaranteed to be a photoshoot to remember!



Aiido Team


Article was written by Christine Yong



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