Wedding Rings : Why Fourth Finger?

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Ever wondered why wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger?

The Chinese have a beautiful and convincing way of explaining this.

First, each finger symbolises different people in our lives.

  • Our thumb represents our parents,

  • Our index represents our siblings,

  • Our second finger represents ourselves,

  • Our third finger represents the union between a husband and wife;

  • Our pinky finger represents our future children.


Now, take our second finger and bend them in together so that they touch each other so that the rest of the fingers remain touching at the tips.

Take a good look through the fingers from the front or back of your palms, and you’ll see a hut or something that resembles a house.     

Here comes the amazing part !


Try separating your thumbs, the reason we are able to open do so is because our parents are humans, and like everyone else, they suffer from sickness and old age, and they will naturally leave us.


Now try separating the “siblings” on the index fingers. These fingers will separate too because our siblings, like our parents, will leave us one day since they will soon have their own families.


Go all the way down to our pinkies that represent your children. Again your children will grow up and will soon start their own family and lead their own lives.  

Finally, the union of husband and wife on the fourth finger. The fourth fingers symbolising the husband and wife will never part because in life the husband and wife are bound by a union that lasts forever and ever.


And that is why the ring is worn on the fourth finger.  

Watch video now: 


Article was written by Hannah Ng 



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