10 Ways to Make Your Wedding Banquet Interesting


In a conventional wedding, guests register at the entrance, then wait for the couple to march in before they enjoy dinner. After that, the couple will march in again with a change of attire and pop the champagne and cut the cake, then ending the night with a customary yuuuuuuuuuuuum seng!

However, more and more couples are hoping for a more interesting wedding to involve their guests more. If you are worried that your wedding banquet will be dry and boring with guests who are completely out of the situation, read on to see some suggestions to make your wedding banquet more interesting!


1) Ask your guests to tell you their favourite songs when RSVP-ing


When sending out your invites, consider asking your guests to RSVP along with their favourite songs and compile the more popular ones together for a wedding playlist.

Not only does a good wedding playlist hype up the atmosphere, it also serves as a great conversation starter for guests from both the bride and groom’s side to encourage mixing!

It is always good to appeal to your guests rather than to let them sit around in silence or even worse— poor music that makes them want to run out of the wedding!


2) Have a get-to-know-your-table game

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Organizing some table games need not be too complicated. Even a simple game of Pictionary or some card games (if there are no kids at the table) can help the guests to get them to know one another.

This also helps to entertain the guests while the bride and groom are busy so that every table remains lively and fun throughout the banquet!


3) Have some fun with balloons during your march-in

balloonblasters.pngPhoto credits to Balloon Blasters

What else could grab the attention of your guests other than pretty floating coloured balls?

Other than leaving them on the aisle as you march-in to create a dreamy effect, you could also get your flower girl and boy to hold onto some pastel-coloured helium balloons to make your guests go “Awwww!”

If you have any other balloon ideas, go ahead with it! It can make your young guests more excited for the upcoming activities for the night as well


4) Organize a wedding lucky draw

Photo credits to Woody Wedding Favours

Coming up with some prizes to give away can help to wow the crowd for sure…

But if you have a smaller budget, you can consider making some handmade prizes to fit in with the wedding theme and show some appreciation for your guests.

After all, the prizes are secondary and the sincerity of the prizes may go a longer way than expensive ones in terms of creating that buzz from your audience.


5) Q & A session with the couple

eop2.pngPhoto credits to Express-Oh Photography

Ultimately, the wedding is all about the couple. Guests from both sides would be likely to want to take the opportunity to find out more about the other side and the couple’s story.

An interesting Question & Answer (Q&A) session from the audience with the couple can allow greater interaction and also garner some interesting stories to liven up the atmosphere!

In contrast to dull wedding speeches, this will definitely up the fun factor and get the guests interested!


6)    Hire a magician

For the higher-budget weddings, you can consider getting a magician to dazzle your audience with some great performances for the night.

While on-stage performances are a must, the magician can also go down to the individual tables and perform some close up magic, and/or small tricks to create some laughs among the tables to help break the ice among the guests!

Let Tommy The Magician dazzle and entertain your guest 


7) Plan a surprise item for your husband/wife-to-be

karafuru.pngPhoto credits to Karafuru

To make your wedding truly memorable for your other half, you might want to put up a surprise item for him/her!

If you would like an elaborate one, maybe a boy band/girl band dance item with your friends/family can make your husband/wife-to-be laugh off the embarrassment and enjoy the spotlight.

But if you would like a simpler idea, you can also plan something small such as a song dedication to create music only for his/her ears.


8) Spice up your march-in

framingstills2.pngPhoto credits to Framing Stills Photography

If a serious march-in is not the thing for you, loosen up the atmosphere! Like the incorporation of balloons above, you could further shake things up with a more interesting entrance.

Dancing or singing on your way in would definitely make it unforgettable, and your guests would love it as well!

Since you are likely to be nervous during your march-in, jazzing it up a little would help you feel better as your guests applaud and laugh as you enter instead of staring at you.


9) Ask guests to contribute to date night ideas for the couple

lula.pngPhoto credits to LulaWithLove

This is taking up the well wishes of the guests for the couple up a notch by getting them to write some date night suggestions and collecting them to actually get them to contribute to the couple’s great married life together!

This would be a great memento for the couple, and also have some practical value for them so why not do this?


10) Create a form for each of the guest to fill in 


Image credits to charlesbenedict.com

Instead of the usual guestbook, why not create a form where the guest could have fun filling in the form while waiting for the banquet to start? It will be so fun to read the responses after the wedding, and what a great keepsake it will be!




Do these ideas excite you already? While it is difficult to involve all the guests during the wedding, these ideas could make it easier for the couple to juggle their busy night with their guests while having fun. With that, we hope to hear from you if you have any more interesting ideas, or used any of the ideas above (email to us at [email protected]).


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