5 Unexpected Wedding Disasters


As preparations are made to mark the start of your next chapter in life, it is natural to be wanting your wedding day to be absolutely perfect. However, smooth sailing may not always be the case so it is a good idea to plan for those unexpected hiccups that may come along.



Here are five common mishaps that every bride and groom should be aware of and make arrangements for:


Wedding Disaster 1: Wardrobe Malfunction

Every bride would feel like a princess walking down that aisle in that perfect dress, hair and makeup. That is why having wardrobe malfunctions can be a bride’s worst nightmare if she finds a tear on the lace-filled gown or if fitting into the dress becomes a problem.

Aiido recommends last round checks and necessary alterations to be made one or two weeks before the wedding to prevent any wardrobe mishaps. Ensuring the gown is stored properly in specialty garment bags or boxes can also be helpful to remove the chance of anything sharp that may cause rips on the gown.

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Another suggestion to prevent damage and stains onto the gown would be to do your makeup first before changing into the gown as this keeps makeup residue from falling onto the gown. After makeup is done and the gown changed into, it is time to do up the hair. Fixing up the hairstyle is recommended as the third step to avoid hairpins being stuck otherwise.


Wedding Disaster 2: Drunk Bride or Groom

As a last chance being labelled single before the wedding union is understandable to why bridal showers and bachelor parties are held. Yet, over-excitement at these parties the night before can cause mishaps to occur on the actual morning of the wedding as the bride or groom wake up to nasty hangovers. To prepare for the situation of a hungover bride or groom, Aiido advises getting ready with pain-relieving headache medications such as aspirin. Having food beforehand and lots of water throughout is also important in order to reduce the effects of a hangover.


Wedding Disaster 3: Inclement Weather

A natural force that cannot be controlled when choosing the date of the wedding for months down the track, it is good to always be prepared and to not stress too much about it. With Malaysia and Singapore’s known for its tropical climates of humidity and high levels of rainfall, it may be a good idea to lean towards venues with shelter or indoor venues in general. Checking the weather forecast the week before the wedding is usually a good indication of what you might expect so last minute preparations can take place like purchasing large outdoor umbrellas for outdoor venues.


Wedding Disaster 4: Absence of Wedding Vendors

Wedding vendors play an important part to ensure the smooth running of the wedding. But what happens if they become MIA and your calls don’t reach them hours before the wedding is due to start? This can leave an undesirable situation of doubts and stress heaped upon the bride and groom which can lead to panic as they are left wondering. Aiido’s solution to this problem would be to send your wedding vendors a message reminding them the night before the wedding to ensure they are prepared and ready. An alternative would be to book wedding vendors through Aiido. That way, if worst comes to worst and the wedding vendor is uncontactable for some reason, Aiido will try our very best to find a suitable replacement from our existing list of wedding vendors.


Wedding Disaster 5: Accidents, Property Damage and Theft

For other disasters that may occur during your wedding, having wedding insurance in place can be a handy solution as they can cater for a wide variety of messes. These can include as car accidents on the way to venues, the damages of items caused by drunken guests fighting or the theft of wedding gifts or money. Aiido offers Wedding Insurance policies to protect against such disasters to give you a peace of mind on your special day. For more information on Aiido’s Wedding Insurance policies visit https://www.aiido.com/insurance.



Overall, there is no need to stress too much when unplanned mishaps pop up as there is always a way to fix them to ensure a picture perfect wedding.

After all, Aiido has got you covered!





Article was written by Christine Yong

Aiido Team

Aiido Content Creator


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