6 unique wedding decor and stylin' of 2017


The news of your engagement is out and the wedding planning process is in full swing. But with the hundreds of wedding decor ideas out there with a click of a mouse, each equally as beautiful as the last, how does one find something that will suit you as a couple for your big day? The general frame of mind is typically to achieve this, it would probably take a huge chunk out of your wedding budget. But it doesn’t have to be so. Here are 6 unique wedding decor styling ideas that only used one main material as the central theme. Not only are they easy to get ahold of and set up, they are also affordable, yet are also able to bring out that big WOW factor to your wedding.


1. Balloons

Now that your wedding date is coming up, why not start by taking a deep breath and letting it out...into some balloons? Whist the sound of leaving your cheeks feeling sore and uncomfortable afterwards may seem unappealing, there are always other ways made available to make your job easier.  So why not check out some of Aiido’s vendors like Balloon Blasters and Sprinkle Parties, local experts who are happy to assist in your balloon styling needs.

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2. Fairy lights

What better way to spell out the romance of a fairytale wedding than having pretty, dainty fairy lights in place to light up the night sky. Responsible for helping create this magical evening atmosphere, vendors such as Vanity Dreams Styling and Midnight Sparks will have fairy lights available for hire.

Photo credit: Midnight Sparks 


3. Props

Household items such as umbrellas can make beautiful wedding decorations as they hang down from the sky. What's amazing about using props such as these includes that not only can you hire them if you wish, it is also a certainty that every household has at least one umbrella on hand for rainy day purposes. You can ask your guests to borrow one prior so that when they walk into your wedding reception and see their umbrellas all on display, a personalised feeling of closeness can be achieved as they truly are partaking in your special day.

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4. Submerged flowers and candles

Tealight candles, flowers, water paired with glass vases or mason jars. A pretty combination that is guaranteed to impress. You can grab tealight candles and vases from local supermarkets and water from your nearest tap. Vanity Dreams Styling can help with the catering of fresh flowers to create a beautiful table centrepiece.

Photo credit: modwedding.com


5. Origami

Paper cranes, paper flowers, you name it and it shall be made. Paper is such a versatile and flexible material and it can be folded this way and that to create a perfectly light wedding decoration theme. You can hire them from vendors like Ektory or you could use this as an opportunity for bonding time with all your bridesmaids and groomsmen, sitting together and folding away into the night, where all your hard work and effort can be on display on your big day.

Photo credit: Ektory 


6. Fruits and veggies

Pumpkins and pineapples, lettuces and cabbages. Basically anything that grows under the sun can be used! Best thing about them is that not only do they make an eye catching table decor, none of it will go wasted as the flesh of the fruit can be carved away and used for the reception dinner, leaving only the shell behind for all to see.

Photo credit: weddingchicks.com


With so many different wedding style decorations possibilities out there, it’s a in a matter of finding out what both you and your fiance like. After all, no matter what you use in whatever combination, the end result will be always be perfection. So why not enjoy the process and have some fun whilst you’re at it!





Article was written by Christine Yong


Aiido Team

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