Bridal Bouquet Guide 101: Choosing The Right Floral Bouquet


Having a perfect wedding is every girl’s dream. Yet to accomplish this simple wish is certainly no easy feat. There are so many aspects and details of the ceremony to take care of and flowers are one of them.

Each wedding style calls for a unique floral arrangement and when chosen appropriately, can definitely bring out the best of the bride and her gown.

For those of you who are in search for inspirations, let us showcase to you some of the more popular floral arrangements that may come in handy for your big day!


1. Nosegay

Similar to the posy bouquet, nosegays tend to be smaller and they place greater emphasis on greenery. The stems of flower and other green or leafy elements are usually tucked into a metal holder known as the tussle-mussle. The compact sizing of nosegays makes mini carnations and gerberas ideal choices for this bouquet and you might want to pair an A line gown to go along with it.

Photo credits to Marche Aux Fleur


2. Composite

The composite bouquet is a masterpiece of hard work as each individual piece of floral petal is painstakingly strung and secured together to create an enormous flower bloom. If you happen to have a higher budget for the wedding, this is just the one for you. Opt for flowers such as lilies or camellias and nail the look effortlessly with an elegant, simple dress.


Photo credits to Nancy Liu Chin


3. Cascading

Cascading bouquets are big, lush and premium arrangements. If you’re looking to make a style statement on your wedding day, this bouquet is the one for you. Nail the look with long trains and veils. Flowers that are commonly used in such arrangements include phalaenopsis orchids, peonies, david austin garden roses and cymbidium orchids.


Photo credits to Crystal And Bark Designs &  Martha Stewart Weddings


4. Arm Bouquet

Otherwise known as a ballerina bouquet. As the name suggests, the bouquet is cradled in the arms of the bride like a baby. These arrangements are not as big and lush as compared to a cascading bouquet but can be very classy and sophisticated looking. Especially suitable for brides with a whimsical and traditional wedding theme in mind. Tulips and calla lilies are highly sought after for such bouquets due to the flexibility of their stems.


Photo credits to The Knot


5. Haute Couture

Haute Couture bouquets are inspired by Catherine Muller. These arrangements are usually petite in size but big in textures. Stalks are arranged in a parallel manner to create the upright and tight effect of the bouquet. 


Photo credits to Fleur de HK


Finally, here are some tips from our trusty vendor, Marche Aux Fleur:

  • If you intend to keep the flowers overnight, leave them in the fridge.

  • Remove any fruits and vegetables from the fridge as they’d emit ethylene gas which would shorten the lifespan of cut flowers

  • Place your bridal bouquets in a vase when they are not in use

  • To increase the lifespan of cut flowers, add some flower food into the vase that you’re placing the bouquet in

  • Avoid direct sunlight and if you have no access to fridge storage, store your bridal bouquet in an air conditioned room


The bouquet and gown combination suggested is by all means non-exhaustive. Thumb of rule to looking good on your big day: Go for something that makes you feel good and comfortable. Ultimately, a confident bride is always a stunning bride.

For petite brides, you might want to consider using smaller flowers and opt for nosegay or posy arrangements so that the bouquet would not look overwhelming on you. If you’re slightly bigger in size, you could opt for more elaborate and larger bouquets which project grace. Your best bet is a round bouquet.

We hope this guide paves the way to your dream wedding and do keep a lookout for this space as we continue to bring to you the latest inspirations!  


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Article was written by Eunice Chiam

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