Coping with Pre-Wedding Anxiety


Feeling sick in the stomach whenever you think about your big day as it slowly approaches? Or having nightmares about the possibility that something might go wrong during your wedding event? Dreading the sight of your wedding gown or suit; or even having second thoughts that you might have made a mistake saying “yes” or proposing?

These are the symptoms of pre-wedding anxiety, otherwise known as pre-wedding jitters. Pre-wedding anxiety can stem from multiple causes such as: subconscious fear or anxiousness about your ability to be a husband or wife, worrying that your partner may not be the spouse that you expected them to be or even doubting if you could be a role model to your future kids.

Having pre-wedding anxiety does not imply that your wedding is doomed to fail, it’s simply a warning sent out by your brain that is signalling for an intervention. It is totally normal to worry.

These are some therapies that you would be able to practise on your own or share with your partner if you think that they might be in need of help:


1. Daydream or Space out

Your brain might have been over exhausted by the constant stress that you’ve been putting on yourself and is therefore giving you those signals to take a break. The easiest way to let your brain rest is simply to STOP THINKING about those taxing issues.

Reminisce about the happy moments that you’ve spent together as a couple, look forward to all the exciting plans that you would like to execute with your partner. If all else fails, just space out and think about NOTHING.


2. Exercise

If you’re the active kind of individual who feels the need to move about, then do things like: washing the dishes, tidying up the house or better still, head out for a jog. Release the tensions that you’ve been subjecting your brain to and reward yourself with a good meal after you’ve burnt some calories from your body. How about trying some simple Yoga movement? At the same time, detox your body helps eliminate the anxiety you had.


3. Water Bath

Light some scented candles, play some soothing music and immerse yourself in a tub of warm water. Allow yourself to bask in the warmth and let the music transport you to another realm as you declutter your mind from all the burdensome matters.


4. Aroma Therapy

Similar to the water bath therapy, aroma therapy involves the use of scented candles, scented incense sticks or scented floral sachets or essential oils. Opt for stress relieving scents such as lavender, cinnamon, chamomile or ylang ylang and place them within your surroundings so that the aroma would relief you from any form of headaches or tension in your body (make sure it’s blended with body oil like Almond, Jojoba or Avocado oil for applying on the body to prevent allergy reaction or burning of skin).

Take this opportunity to also go out for a short shopping trip and meet your friends or family for a meal outside to catch a breather.


5. Art Jamming

Sign up for some art jamming sessions and attend them with your partner. You’ll find yourself free from all sort of worries as you vent your frustrations while splashing the paint onto your canvas. You might be surprised how ‘artistic’ your painting might turn out to be!




Wedding planning is an absolute chore and whoever has been through it will tell you that it’s ok for you to panic and worry. What’s important is that you keep your health in check and don’t let those negative emotions get the better of you. Once in a while, give yourself a break to optimise your level of productivity!

If you feel that these ideas aren’t working for you, always seek help from a medical practitioner.

P.S.: Having ample rest is also the key to looking good on your big day!





Article was written by Eunice Chiam

Aiido Team

Aiido Content Creator


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