Hairstyle and Makeup Trends for 2017 Weddings


Year by year, season by season. As time passes, trends also change along with it. Looking back through time, we can see how much style has changed whether it be fashion, makeup or hair. Society is always trying to upgrading and be a step ahead in tastes and designs. For weddings, such focus on trends are no exception as we see what is in and what is not.



With 2017 being the year of greenery, here are some hairstyle trends that are currently popular with brides today as they opt for a more natural way to complete their look.


Think loose curls

Photo credit: Kacey Teh 


Or Braided Updos

Photo credit: Nicole K Make Up & Hair


With Leafy Flower Crowns

Photo credit: Modwedding


Or Bridal Vines to add that finishing touch

Photo credit: Fabmood



Similar to hairstyle trends conforming to natural finishes, makeup for 2017 also focuses more on natural beauty.

Think palettes of pinks and browns with a hint of gold to add that extra sparkle to the eyes, all paired up with a soft glowing complexion.


Photo credit: Zinny Theint Make Up Artistry


Adding a light dusting of blush on the cheeks and berry tinted lips completes the look by bringing out the youthfulness of the bride.

Photo credit: Nicole K Make Up & Hair


So whilst it is nice to be following current trends, the fact that they rapidly change shouldn't be a cause for alarm as they will always come back after a period of time, becoming classics in their own right. Also, one should always remember that bridal trends shouldn't dictate how you should look on the day. Rather, look to trends as a source of inspiration. It is best to go with hairstyles that you are comfortable with as that is what will bring out the beauty that is you. In the eyes of your husband-to-be, you are perfection itself and beautiful no matter what.

So have fun exploring!





Article was written by Christine Yong

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