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For every bride-to-be, choosing your bridesmaids is equivalent to choosing your army of soldiers before the war. That’s how important it is. Preparing for a wedding in Singapore is no easy feat, and you need all the help you can get from your girls to make sure that everything is well-planned.

Besides that, your bridesmaids have to give you the emotional support during the busy preparation period to help you tide over your wedding woes. Being your main helpers, they have to support you emotionally and physically before the wedding. On your wedding day, their duties would not only include the gate crash, reception duties, they will also play an important role in settling your pre-wedding jitters.

For your chief bridesmaid, or also known as the maid of honour, she has to juggle the above duties and also be the leader of the bridesmaids to ensure that everyone is doing their part to help you, and to reduce your load to the minimum as much as possible. She might also deliver a confident and beautiful speech to make your big day extra memorable.

After deciding the size of your bridal party, it is time to choose who will be your bridesmaids. Now, you probably have a number of people in mind, however how do you assemble your wedding party?

There might be feelings of guilt, fear of hurt feelings or a sense of obligation when selecting your bridesmaids and their roles. Perhaps you were a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding, however that does not mean that you are obligated to ask them to stand in yours.

Giving this careful consideration is important, so let’s go through some qualities that your bridesmaids should have!


1. She knows you well

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First and foremost, she has to know you inside-out, like the back of her hand. While the two of you may not be the longest friends on earth, the two of you act like long-lost sisters who instantly connect.

She understands you and your needs, even without you saying it out loud. This way, she can make the right decisions on your behalf quickly as she practically can hear you say in her head “I love those pink corsages!”.

Having someone who gets you will really be a great relief, be it in the wedding preparations, or someone to talk to when you are emotionally exhausted from your day-to-day activities.


2. Committed

When we say that she has to be committed, we mean that she is punctual, takes initiatives and has enthusiasm.This essentially means that she will not add on to your worries by actually being there for all the important meetings, and be willing to help out for your preparations with the mindset that she wants to best for her friend, YOU.

And by enthusiasm, we don’t mean that she has to be little-miss-happy all the time, but she will have the happy vibe to cheer you up and push things along the way to make the wedding preparation extra fun. Having an enthusiastic bridesmaid who is always around to bring up the atmosphere is always a mood lifter.


3. Responsible

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With her committed character, she is likely to be responsible as well. To truly commit herself to your wedding, she has to be able to work together with your other bridesmaids and vendors to carry out all that she has promised herself to do for you. This means that she cannot give empty promises but actually make things happen when she says that she will do them.


4. Sociable

Social butterflies make great bridesmaids! They have the natural ability to talk to anyone comfortably and do away with all the awkward silences, especially on the wedding day when many of the bride and groom’s external family members and friends are meeting each other for the first time.

However, if your bridesmaid choice-in-mind is more shy and introverted, its alright as long as she can be comfortable around you and the key personnel like your husband-to-be and your family members, while others tackle the more emotionally-tiring social activities!


5. Cool-headed

Is your bridesmaid choice also cool-headed?

She has to be calm and collected as she carries out the many tasks to make big day happen. Of course, not everyone can handle the pressure well, and if she cannot be cool headed in a heated situation, its likely that things will go awry quickly.

Keeping levelheaded means that on your wedding day, the flurry of things on her to-do list doesn’t fluster her one bit, and she even has the time to calm you down when you are anxious, helping you out till the very last moment.

Usually when the bridesmaids start to panic in the midst of a messy problem, you are likely to start worrying and tug the end of your hair. A cool-headed bridesmaid will be the perfect solution by telling people what to do to solve the issue, while making sure that everyone is fine.


6. Quick-witted

Lastly, she has to keep her wits around her. In every wedding preparation, hiccups are bound to pop up unexpectedly and throw everyone off their original plans. With her quick thinking, a good bridesmaid will turn things around and remove that hiccup as soon as possible to get everyone back on task immediately.

This is definitely not an easy task but a bridesmaid on the ball will know what she has to do at that very moment to make sure that everything is going smoothly, and that your wedding doesn’t turn disastrous.


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After reading the above, have you decided if your people of choice at the start are your ideal choice for your bridesmaids? If yes, congratulations! We wish you all the best in your wedding preparations with them.

If some of the answer is no, do not fret. Take the time to consider your other girlfriends and decide who you would love to have to help with for your hectic wedding preparation journey. Ultimately, choosing the right friends who want the best for you and would want to see you have a blissful wedding is of utmost importance. She may not match up to all the qualities stated above, but the ultimate decision lies in you. If you feel that her presence is all that you need, go ahead and ask if she would like to be your sister-in-arm!

We would love to hear from you if you have any comments or suggestions with regards to choosing your bridal party, so do drop us an email at [email protected] if you have any!


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