Tips For The Perfect Wedding Speech

Your wedding day is fast approaching, and one thing to check off your to-do list is to write and prepare for your wedding speech. While speaking to an audience often gives us the jitters, stop putting it off! Here at Aiido, we created this guide specially for you to help you -the star of the show- write a great speech to wow your family and friends on the big day itself! Are you ready? Let’s start!


Thank your partner

First and foremost, you might want to thank your partner for all that he/she has done to express your love and care for him/her. Of course, the wedding is about the love shared between the both of you so thanking him/her is a must, right?

Take this opportunity to pour out your heartfelt words and feelings to him/her without feeling awkward about it. Its your wedding after all! You are entitled to say a few mushy lines in front of your friends and family to make your partner melt!


Thank your parents/family/friends

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Next up—the parents.

Thank your family members and your future in-laws for all their help and love along the way.

From teaching your girlfriend how to cook the superb dishes, and also raising her to become the girl you have come to love, thanking your in-laws would definitely help you earn some brownie points that would come in use after the wedding!

While you are at that, perhaps you might want to give a special shout out to that one friend who helped to introduce the both of you, allowing you to meet the man/woman of your dreams to lead up to the wedding today! Not only will this be more engaging for the audience, it also expresses your sincerity and heartfelt thoughts to everyone who came for your wedding :)


Tell the story of how the both of you met

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This would definitely be an interesting story for all at your wedding

Your friends, family and parents from both sides would want to hear how you have met, and eventually fell in love. Adding in some funny bits of your journey as a couple would further engage your audience and keep your speech interesting! This would be key to make sure your guests remain entertained throughout your speech!

Perhaps, even some visual aids like a mini photo slideshow as you speak would help you illustrate your point and liven up the atmosphere!


Keep it short and sweet

An important thing to note is that your speech should never be too long. Being long winded only gets the yawns out of your guests. Now, wouldn’t that be a disheartening sight?

That being said, your speech shouldn’t be too curt and brief as well.

Make note of who to thank, and the main stories that you would like to share with your loved ones so that your speech will be a simple yet fun one that will capture your audience’s attention.


Make it interesting

Other than weaving in your romantic love story, you could further make your story more interesting. Perhaps you could re-enact a scene or include a small performance in your speech to make it even more engaging and fun for your audience :)

Bringing up your friends and asking them to do certain dares or funny actions with you may also be a good idea to hype up the tables and make them laugh!


Rehearse it

Last but not least, do rehearse your script until you can deliver it smoothly without hiccups! It may be a tiring chore but going up and getting a bad case of stage fright may turn out pretty ugly.

If you are a real scatterbrain who may forget your speech, you can prepare some cue cards and keep them at hand. While it may not look the best, you can refer to them now and then to reassure yourself, but without focusing too much on it.


If you still find it difficult to craft a memorable wedding speech for your big day, don’t worry!

Here are some websites for you to look at more structured templates for your speech:

Wedding Speech Builder

Wedding Speech Guru


However, be careful not to make your speech too rigid or conventional by sticking to the template and making it boring! (you do want an engaging and unforgettable speech to move your spouse-to-be, don’t you?)

With that, we wish you all the best in crafting your wedding speech!

With love,

The Aiido Team


Article was written by Denise Tan

Aiido Team

Aiido Content Creator


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