Top 10 Bridal Makeup Styles for 2019

A woman and her makeup – a relationship that begun years ago. First experimented with to become a ‘grown up’ quicker. This was immediately followed by a glitter phase and then a year of lipstick that was so bright that people needed sunglasses to look you in the face.

Communication with your stylist will be key as they will be able to work with your wishes and yet also recognise the ‘hidden you’ which needs to emerge. It will also help to have them focused on this as this will give you time to fret over the last minute details!

Let’s be honest, this day is all about you so you deserve this level of luxury and o so much more.

With this limitless amount of options, Aiido jumps to the front so swish down below to find our top 10 wedding make up styles for 2019 and our fantastic vendors who will be assisting you to find your look for 2019…



Top 10 Make-Up Styles


1. Natural Make-Up Style



Why change perfection? A focus on non-matte skin tones will give your skin a natural glow that can grace indoors and out, daytime or night.

Having lived a cosmopolitan lifestyle in New York and Shanghai, Makeup Artist Sherry has years of experience of focusing on what is needed and no more than that. Their subtle touches will bring out your breath-taking features which will the focus of every room that you enter.    




2. Romantic Make-Up Style



Be drawn back to that sensation of the butterflies in your stomach after that first kiss. A slight pout at the smile you give yourself knowing that you’ll see them soon and that things are about to lead in an interesting direction (because we DO know from the first kiss onwards!).

You couldn’t do any better than to choose Yu Hui Makeup and Hair to take care of creating this intimate look. Slightly flushed cheeks, fluttering eyelashes, a softer style choice which will be sure to leave hearts racing.





3. Beach Make-Up Style



The tide is turning on wedding locations and the latest trends see more couples experimenting with alternative venues for where to hold their nuptials. Where could be more fantastic than saying I do with the sound off the sea rushing in backing you whilst you feel the sand under your feet.

However, the beauty of nature asks hard questions on beauty and hair. Furthermore, we all know perils of achieving that sun kissed skin with self-tan lotion! Having taken advanced courses in airbrushing, Karis Chiu – and his eight years of industry experience - would be a fantastic candidate to make and guard your complexion for your fabulous day.




4. Luxury Make-Up Style



This is the one day where no excuse is necessary so let your hair down and get lavish! The sky is the limit so have as many style changes that can be fitted into 24 hours as possible! There should also be numerous jewels hanging from your neck, wrist and wrapped around a few fingers at least (hint: if he bring you orange ‘karats,’ he’s got the spelling wrong).

If you are craving to be in the lap of luxury, Adore A Doll offer a fantastic solution of renting matching hair accessories, necklaces and earrings so you have absolutely no pressure in working out what which exact pair of earing matches your lavish dress (as you can try them all!)




5. Elegance Make-Up Style



Your dress is a glistening white and your dream is to walk down the aisle holding a sophisticated bouquet of only Calia Lillies, a true symbol of virtue. We would not want a strand of hair to suddenly burst forth in hedonistic abandon so Eugenia Hair and Make Up could be the ones for you. They will accompany you for the whole set of your pre-event photo shoot and be ready in the wings to take care of the small things so you remain as graceful as a swan.




6. Rustic Make-Up Style



This trend is on the way up in Singapore so definitely a style that could be worth considering if you are more inclined to a natural style

Gerra Chong knows that beauty is the whole packages. With over eight years’ experience and counting, they can dip in and out of fashion styles of western, Korean and Oriental styles so are guaranteed to have a look for everyone.




7. Edgy Make-Up Style



You are a rebel at heart and your significant other asked you to be theirs for your feisty spirit. Creative ideas bounce from you like firecrackers and your lipstick and eyeliner will be dark, creating a mood which will draw in people’s eyes in wonder.

Candice at One Stop Make Up knows that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and is unafraid to create this necessary friction between alternative hair and makeup styles choices that bring out your true character.




8. Bohemian Make-Up Style



A warm glow of the setting sun catches the earthy colours of your big day. Ringlets of your hair grace your shoulders and lead down to a colour theme including coppers and golds. As a nature child, the idea of having a wreath of flowers in your hair seems too obvious to be stated! Nicole K Hair and Makeup are focused on solutions that will empower you to follow your pathway for your perfect wedding.




9. Traditional Make-Up Style



The one consistent throughout time is the relationship of brides to bright red lipstick. If you add to that rosy cheeks and full eye lashes, you are as ready as you’ll ever need to be to grace the aisle and say I do.

Angel Chua could be the professional for you who is committed to working with a natural style. She also gets a special mention as a deaf professional who’s commitment and passion follows her philosophy that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’






Finally, we will also give you Aiido’s last – yet most important – bit of advice with your make up styles…get talking to these stylists asap! They get booked up immediately and there is no one who you’ll need to enjoy collaborating with more. They’re waiting to assist you to look truly glamourous from every angle of your wedding.

Jamie Cheng

Aiido Content Creator


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  • Hair Accessories rental
  • Bridal Veil (upon request)
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