Top 10 Types of Wedding Photo Booth in Singapore


Who wouldn’t want to have a photo booth at their wedding day? Not the obvious, soul searching question that you would normally expect to consider but the arguments – and there are many – are overwhelming and, potentially, more important than who you are marrying!


This is obviously(ish) said in jest for the simple reason that a photo booth is a great opportunity to bring people together organically, giving you potential keepsakes to laugh at and enjoy together over the years.


It’ll definitely contrast well from the formality of being pushed closer to long distant cousins by a professional photographer and, if you decide to let loose, is an easy way to keep everyone entertained, regardless of age.


Let’s face it, anything that keeps children amused for over ten minutes is not to be sniffed at!


As ever, Aiido is here to guide you through this copious amount of options of booths offered by the best vendors in Singapore to fulfil your every requirement. Therefore, our top ten starts now so…ready…smile!



Top 10 Wedding Booth Options In Singapore


1. Roving Wedding Booth



Now, having taken so long to find the most beautiful, inspirational, stylish Singaporean backdrop, you don’t want to un-do all of your hard work by plonking a fixed booth of modernity in some corner of the room!


Fear not as our roving team gracefully comes directly to you. Hiring both a photographer and a printing assistant with their exclusive package, DeReminisce photography pass out the props and print perfect pictures and will capture all as you party the night away!




2. Slow Motion Wedding Booth


I know that you are ploughing through these words as quick as lighting but, as they say, slow and steady wins the race. However, in the mighty world of booth, slow actually translates into taking short bursts of slowed down footage of anyone who enters this cave of curiosity.


After your uncle/youngest cousin cotton onto the premise, hilarious consequences always entail. Whilst slow as their unique selling point, Slow motion photobooth get their skates on to turnaround a highlights reel of clips in under an hour of the booth ending!    




3. Mirror Wedding Booth



Taking a technological step into 2019! A fully autonomous booth that you work yourself, customise with any emoji’s and frames that you desire and then printed all there and then in the moment. This is the perfect choice for elegant and luxurious themed weddings so why not become a part of this growing trend of 2019.




4. Flower Wedding Booth



What better way to remember your big day than bringing some of nature indoors into your photo memories! These amazing flower booth options provided by Printiculous mean that even in the most modern, glamourous bars, you can still feel like you’ve taken a trip into the great outdoors!


What’s more, as the flowers themselves are made with the finest silk and paper in Singapore, they are fully customisable so could be an ideal gift for your guests to take home and treasure.




5. Customised Backdrop Wedding Booth



‘I want photos of myself and groups of wedding guests to be surrounded by unicorns who are attending a BBQ. No one has thought of it before because they just don’t have my brilliance and, if this cannot be arranged, there won’t be any wedding!’


Whilst this direct quote is attributable to no one, customising your backdrop cuts the drab and brings a freshness and originality to your photos which will never be forgotten. The team at Uniek Pictobooth are looking forward to hearing all your weird and wonderful ideas and, their best bit about their attractive package is that you are welcome to unlimited prints!




6. Basic Wedding Booth


Sometimes, sweet and simple is the best way to approach anything and, with this marvellous package option by Pixelinc.SG providing the following.


4R 100 Prints/Photo Strips 200 Prints, a tinsel backdrop and a range of basic props, all bases will be covered to provide an entertaining couple of hours for you and your guests. A great and affordable option!




7. Social Media Wedding Booth


Uploading photos into the big wide web is about as necessary as the ring itself. Therefore, to ease the process down, the fantastic people at 8 Pixel photobooth provide 2 crewmen to assist with capturing everyone’s best angle.


They then have iPads on hand so that guests can instantly scroll through and upload the best photos immediately onto your social media package of choice. Whether your collecting a (face) book of memories or prefer something with a bit of weight to it (…Insta-GRAM), like this package as soon as you can!




8. Personal Wedding Booth


Even though a photobooth adds a lot of fun to the group, it is also a nice time when small groups of people can break away from the total crowd and reflect on the joy and fun of the whole day.


I just had to include Strive studios SG gold package as, alongside a marvellous booth, they also offer a free guestbook which I just thought was a lovely combination for some beautiful and fun recollections for the future.




9. Balloons Wedding Booth



Balloons are always a crucial element to any wedding! However, if you’re looking to save all your breath for dancing instead of blowing them up, maybe you should look to get in contact with Balloon Blasters.


Their  ‘Capturing the moment’ package give you enough balloons to cover the backdrop of your photo booth (with unlimited prints for one hour) but goes further to also include enough of these beauties to cover your reception and act as a table centre pieces!




10. Ring Wedding Booth


Now for something a little different. A truly magical booth that has been recently developed and stands out from the crowd are Ring wedding booths.


With fully interactive touch screen devices that are equally at home in indoor and outdoor events. With the ring lighting catching your features and dress perfectly, they are an exceptional choice for smaller venues.





The photo booth is an old-time concept which is being constantly invigorated with new ideas to update it for every type of wedding imaginable in 2019. By choosing one of our fabulous vendors in Singapore, you have access to a great talking point and an amazing way to create some shared memories of your big day!


Jamie Cheng

Aiido Content Creator


  • Photography Session 2 hours
  • Unlimited prints
  • 4R/bookmark sized prints
  • 1 x professional photographer
  • 1 x assistant
  • Single/multiple customized frame
  • Fun & Wacky theme props
  • Exciting backdrops
  • Snaphoria envelopes
  • Online gallery uploads
  • Softcopy on 2GB thumbdrive
  • 2 hours/3 hours /4 hours PhotoBooth Package
  • Unlimited prints
  • Customised Print Design & Complimentary Props
  • Original: $688
  • Photography Session 2 hours
  • Unlimited prints
  • Photo Size Choice of 4R or Photo Strips
  • Customized Template Overlay
  • Photography Session 4 hours
  • Live view monitor
  • 50 guestbook prints
  • FREE Guest Book
  • Unlimited fancy hand props