Top 10 Wedding Photographers In Singapore



We know that your special day will be ‘the one’ that captures the hearts and souls of all your attendees and, coincidently, will send Instagram into meltdown. Give yourself some deserved credit for the amount of work that you done to get every detail perfect. Your special other half will know instantly that your bouquet contains the same flowers that he first sent to woo you and that even the napkins are in your favourite colour. This grand occasion will be an extension of your collective personalities and a philosophy that you will live the rest of your lives by.


In years from now, as you settle down to reminisce over these treasured photos and recollections of the day, do you really want to trust a family member to capture glimpses of all this beauty and magic? Your elegant dress cropped by the backs of two distant family members? Or just possibly, a lovely photo of you alongside your significant other…just with half of your beautiful heads missing.


At Aiido, we put you in touch with our specialised professionals who will capture the hidden moments which will make your day so special. Our experienced photographers come from a variety of backgrounds, have a style suited to every couple and offer packages for every occasion imaginable.


Come with us to take a look below to discover our top 10 wedding photographers who will give your Singapore wedding the same look as that of the stars.



Top 10 Wedding Photographers


1. Avior Pictures

Style: Contemporary



As we all know, you wedding will be a roller coaster of emotions and it will fly by so quickly that you’ll be, quite literally, swept off your feet. The uncompromising brilliance in Avior pictures is their soul aim of fulfilling couples dreams in their choice of the types of shoots that reflect them.


Whether that means going to capture you gazing up at the stars in freezing cold temperatures or a moment of passion over a table game, they are absolute ready for everything and your character will resonate through an overall snap shot of such a special time.



2. Framing Stills Photography

Style: Contemporary



Deliberately breaking down posed shoots with a documentary style, Framing Stills Photography capture all of those truthful moments that you’ll wish to remember as years go by.



3. Triplets Productions

Style: Documentary



To make a great photo, you need three key components: Photographer, camera and you! Triplets Productions keep this simple philosophy throughout their work. Moreover, they absolutely don’t create staged photographs in their documentary, journalistic style so you don’t need to worry about ‘correctness,’ at all!


However, don’t let this simple equation fool you. As their images can attest, they are truly experts at capturing unseen details in their marvellous images that even you may not have picked up on.



4. Chris Ong Studio

Style: Contemporary



The Chris Ong Studio brings a boundless creativity to your wedding. Using their experience in film, no idea is too grand and they’re immensely receptive to any input to make sure that all your aspirations are surpassed to create jaw dropping images.



4. Cepheus Chan Photography

Style: Documentary



Balancing between the artistic and the candid, Cepheus Chan has an intricate ability to capture the honesty at the heart of the individual. It is an understated skill to set people at ease with a photographer and he gives them the confidence to express themselves freely and to shine.



5. Allure Weddings

Style: Contemporary



Balancing between the artistic and documentary, Allure produce photos that caress this line with the delicate touch, keeping the focus on you both and the start of this magical voyage together. With their easy explained packages, rest assured that you will know exactly where to stand with Allure.  



6. Neecan Photography

Style: Documentary



There is a relaxing serenity that comes through all of Neecan's photos. Whether photographing the big event itself or delicately handling the intimate moments of preparation, you can relax and be sure that he will be there to document every ‘moment’ for you to cherish.



7. Under one Tree Media

Style: Fun



Under One Tree preaches to ‘capturing moments at the right time,’ and wow do they do a fantastic job of it! You can see how much fun the families and photographer must be having and you simply don’t know what they’ll produce next. The smiles of your nearest and dearests are bright enough to light up any room and stir the memories forever.



8. Caught on Camera

Style: Glamour



I love Caught on Camera because they offer a bespoke service for everything! They cover the actual wedding day, pre weddings, location shoot, overseas shoots, as well as family portraits.    

They combine an amazing understanding of lighting to balance out images full of texture and details that you can’t draw your eyes away from, through to very restrained and ethereal images.  



9. Under the Stars Photography

Style: Cinematic



It takes someone special behind a camera to put a couple at ease and move them into the perfect position, under the perfect lighting. However, there’s a paired back magic to Under the Stars framing that leaves you breathless and unafraid to even carry your dress out over the rocks at his request!



10. Stanstills Photography

Style: Contemporary



Deliberately breaking down posed shoots with a documentary style, Stanstills Photography capture all of those truthful moments that you’ll wish to remember as years go by.





These are just some of the great photographers that are available and the services that they offer. Every photographer has their own unique style so do check out their portfolios to see who fuses with your ideas the best.


No project is too great or too small so check our feed here for further inspiration. Let us know in the comment section what you are most looking for in a photographer or, if you’re already married, what did you like most about working with your photographer?


Photographers talk about the ‘golden hour’ when the sun is rising or setting and the light dances of you, capturing your inner radiance. As your marriage is such a small snapshot of your life together, why not have someone there who knows how to manage this window of opportunity to its fullest and capture you both at your very best.  

Jamie Cheng

Aiido Content Creator


  • Photography Session 8 hours
  • Enhanced & Edited Images All images
  • All photos returned in soft copy
  • Photography Session 10+4 hours
  • All photos returned in soft copy
  • 2 Bridal gowns, 2 Evening gowns and 2 Grooms Jacket
  • 2 Looks (Make up)
  • Wedding insurance
  • Photography Session Up to 12 hours
  • All Images Enhanced & Edited
  • All photos returned in soft copy
  • Photography Session 6 hours
  • Enhanced & Edited Images All images
  • All photos returned in soft copy
  • 30 pages 10x10 leather album with Stanstills’ Artistic Editing & Layout. (Aiido Special)
  • 20