Wedding themes inspired by The Story of Yanxi

Confession time to all Singapore and Malaysia brides: Have you been watching the series of the Story of Yanxi Palace recently?


It’s totally understandable – it is a pretty awesome show, isn’t it? So much so that fellow lovers of the story of Yanxi palace have even pointed out the exquisite taste in colour combinations for the outfits that the actresses fashion through the courtrooms.


It is not a surprise at all that many brides-to-be have gotten inspiration from this very show for their wedding themes.


In this article, we’ll be sharing with you the 6 wedding themes inspired by the Story of Yanxi Palace. Ready? Let’s enter right in then…



#1: Baby Pink & Commoner’s Pink


This sweet pretty pink duo deserves first on the list! Not only does it look oh-so-gentle and easy on the eyes, but it also makes planning your wedding decorations a breeze.


C’mon, pink is the most common colour for flowers. Plus, it sure will be difficult to screw up a pink-themed wedding.


The Yanxi Palace has embraced the subtle charms of the simple Baby Pink & Commoner’s Pink.


You might be wondering why it is called “Commoner’s Pink”…


This shade of pink, in the Yanxi Palace, is named after any maid in the palace thus, Commoner’s Pink. You can combine these two pink shades with white, gold, and even rose gold. This set of colours embodies elegance perfectly.




#2: Crab Green & Moon White


Please… Not Chilli crab or Black Pepper Crab!


The Crab Green & Moon White colour combo may seem somewhat dull and grey, I repeat – might!


This twin-tastic greyish-green paired with an off-white colour is able to instantly add a huge volume of elegance to any wedding. The Yanxi Palace does dabble in the darker tones which actually makes it perfect for inspirations for a wedding theme.


The Crab Green & Moon White, in particular, allows the grooms to fully embrace the wedding colour theme. Unless your man like pink, this could be the lifesaver when deciding on your wedding theme colour.


The Crab Green’s more searchable term would be Sage Green. This colour combination of green and white would be awesome for a garden theme wedding.



#3: Rusty Red & Cinnabar Brown


Leaning back towards the warmer tones, we have the Rusty Red & Cinnabar Brown. This is adored by many couples – yup, not just the brides!


It’s like a Christian Louboutin red-bottoms signature, but not too alarming or in-your-face.


The mix between Rusty Red & Cinnabar Brown brings about a cosy, warm, and heartfelt wedding where everyone is guaranteed to feel the love.


This colour combination resembles an autumn theme. Coincidentally, it’s the season of autumn right now. Anyone is having an autumn-themed wedding?



#4: Limestone & Sprout Yellow


Yellow yellow, dirty fellow no more!


The Yanxi Palace has highlighted how yellow exudes lux, happiness, and royalty – not a dirty fellow, now is it?


Limestone & Sprout Yellow awakens your wedding effortlessly without having to appear too harsh. The dual ambers bring a warm ambience to your wedding which makes it almost instinctive for any guest to ease themselves into.


Managing the entire set-up for your wedding wouldn’t be a problem too!




#5: Indi-Gold


Indi-Gold = Indigo + Gold


The previous colour revolved around solely the yellow and gold spectrum of colour. For those like a hint of gold but naturally have a distaste for yellow, why not try an Indi-Gold?


Indigo is a fusion of navy blue and deep royal purple. It not only gives a harmonious balance when working with Gold, Indigo also assists in making the Gold really pop!


Something like how salted caramel works… Who would have thought that salty actually made sweet taste sweeter!


Here’s a great example of how amazing an Indi-Gold wedding theme can look like.



#6: Soap Grey & Jade Green


The Soap Grey & Jade Green is the last on the list but we like to keep best things last ;) This colour combination really hits the high-score for being the most unique wedding colour theme that’s inspired by the story of the Yanxi Palace.


The grungy green with ash grey is highly versatile when it comes to décor. Many weddings are flooded with tons of flowers (and pollen…). This theme suggests that you could try opting for leaves, stones, pebbles, and green plants instead.


Fresh air and pollen-free. How about that!




In a nutshell, if you’re a fan of the Story of the Yanxi Palace, it is only normal that you kind of want to emulate them. From the stated 6 inspirations above, you can roughly have a good idea of the amazing colour combinations that can easily suit any wedding.


Which one is your favourite so far?

Jamie Cheng

Aiido Content Creator


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