Esquire's Bespoke

Made to Measure

2-piece Suit
by Esquire's Bespoke

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Key Features:

  • 1 bespoke tailored 2 piece suit
  • Tecron Fabrics
  • For you to keep

Package details:

This package consist of 1 bespoke tailored 2-piece Suit, for you to keep

2 Piece Suit consist of Jacket + Pants

Material would be Tecron Fabrics (synthetic wool like fabric), there are a wide range of colours available for your selection.

Optional Top up

Additional of S$50 for mixed wool fabrics
Additional of $35 for 1 tie / bowtie and 1 pocket square. 

Additional Charges:

  • Optional Top ups
    • Mixed wool fabrics - SGD 50.00
    • 1 tie / bowtie and 1 pocket square - SGD 35.00

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About Esquire's Bespoke

  • From: Singapore
  • Speaks: English ,Mandarin
  • Very Responsive

Started in 2013, Esquire's Bespoke offers bespoke tailored suit to you at a price that is definitely within your budget. And best of all, you get to keep the suit. 

Your investment in 1 bespoke tailored suit ALSO comes with the following benefits:

1. Walks you, step-by-step through the process of style consultation - it's like having a personal image consultant to show you how to dress well.

2. Guarantees you the best fit - it's our commitment to help you get a perfect fitting suit. 

3. Made-in Singapore - it's a promise to you of effective control over quality and speed. 


Cancellation Policy- No-refund

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There will be no refund for any cancellation made due to any circumstances at any point in time after the transaction of the purchase of the service and/or product. More info on cancellation policies.

Payment Schedule

To secure a booking with this vendor, please pay a 50% deposit via Aiido. The deposit paid will be released to the vendor after the service/product is delivered.

Remaining balance of payment will be collected by the vendor - 30% to be paid during 1st appointment, consist of measurement, and confirmation of design; and 20% subsequent during the 2nd appointment which will consist of suit fitting.

Terms & Condition

We will always do our best to fulfil your needs and meet your goals, but sometimes it is best to have a few simple things written down so that we can try to minimise any future misunderstandings and unhappiness. 

We will try our best to provide an enjoyable experience for you during all 3 appointments. All appointments will be done at the shop. To allow us to provide undivided attention to you, we operate on an appointment basis.

1st appointment: 

2 months prior to the date of collection is ideal for us to provide you with an uncompromised quality of service; choosing of designs, fabrics, consultation, fitting, and final adjustments from our previous experience takes an approximate 2 months.

If you like to make changes to the designs of the suit before we do suit, we will try our bestto meet the request. But if you would like to change the fabrics, we seek your understanding to top up S$50 per suit for the change. 

2nd appointment:

2nd appointment which is the fitting and sizing of the suit is important for us to guarantee you a good fit for your suit. We advise that you come to us approximately 1 month before the date of the collection for this appointment. 

3rd appointment:

And Yes, time to collect the final masterpiece! We suggest the collection to happen 2 weeks before the date of collection, so that there is time to any final adjustment to the suit. However, it will be tricky if your body size has changed; we will try our best to absorb any adjustment cost, but we seek your understanding to do a cash top up if the major adjustment is needed. 


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