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About Kodaliner Photography

  • From: Singapore, Central Singapore
  • Speaks: Cantonese ,English ,Mandarin
  • Custom Order Feature
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  • Very Responsive

At Kodaliner Photography, we believe that every moment captured is a moment worth feeling nostalgic about when we look back at a specific milestone.

Our goal, upon working with clients, is to create an effortless shooting experience throughout the entire event.

Life is made up of many candid moments and we hope to capture those moments to remind couples that these are indeed precious times.


Cancellation Policy- Strict

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50% from deposit paid will be refunded with a notice period no less than 180 days prior to the day of delivery for service or product.

Payment Schedule

To secure a booking with this vendor, please pay a 50% deposit via Aiido. The deposit paid will be released to the vendor after the service/product is delivered.

Remaining balance of payment will be collected by the vendor - 30% before delivery of the product (downpayment) and 20% cash on actual day.

Terms & Condition

1. Kodaliner Photography shall be the exclusive photographer retained by the Client for the purpose of photographing the wedding event (AD or Pre-Wedding). Family and friends of the Client shall be permitted to photograph the wedding as long as they shall not interfere with the Photographer’s duties on the day itself.

2. The delivery of images is estimated to be 3-4 calendar weeks after the day of photoshoot/wedding during non-peak wedding period or 5-6 calendar weeks after the day of photoshoot/wedding during peak wedding period. Kodaliner Photography will inform the Client in advance of any delay due to unforeseen circumstances.

3. Kodaliner Photography shall own the copyright in all images created and shall have the exclusive rights to make reproductions. Kodaliner Photography shall only make reproductions for the Client or for Kodaliner Photographer’s portfolio, samples, self-promotions, entry in contests, art exhibitions, advertisements, or editorial use. If Kodaliner Photography desires to utilise taken photographs for other uses, Kodaliner Photographers shall do so without first obtaining the permission of the Client.

4. The Client is obtaining pictures for personal use only, and shall not sell said pictures or authorize any reproductions thereof by parties other than Kodaliner Photography.

5. If Kodaliner Photography cannot perform this Agreement due to Photographer’s illness, then the Photographer shall return the deposit to the Client but shall have no further liability with respect to the Agreement. This limitation on liability shall also apply in the event that photographic materials are damaged in processing, lost through camera malfunction, lost in the mail, or otherwise lost or damaged without fault on the part of Kodaliner Photography. 

6. Kodaliner Photography may substitute another photographer to take up the event shoot in the event of illness. In the event of such substitution, Kodaliner Photography warrants that the photographer performing the duty shall be a competent professional and so will be the substitute photographer.

7. The Client will have understood the abovementioned clauses and agree to all agreements before booking with us.

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