The Solemnization and Single Ballroom Set Package
by Reeves Wong

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Key Features:

  • Performance duration 2 hours
  • live piano playing

Package details:

The Solemnization and single ballroom set package is suitable for wedding couple who would like to keep their guest entertain during the reception with live piano playing.

Client can also choose to have live piano playing for their exchange of vows and/or march in.

This package also includes a one set live piano playing in the ballroom for your guest! 

Client can also choose their own preferred song list. Just let me know 3 months in advance and I'll make the necessary arrangements!

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About Reeves Wong

  • From: Singapore
  • Speaks: English ,Mandarin
  • Custom Order Feature
  • Full Timer

My name is Reeves Wong and I am a full time Pianist/Keyboardist and Piano Instructor.

I used to be like a lot of the piano students out there. Practicing and playing the piano for the sake of a cert. Never even once knowing or understanding what I was playing and why I was playing it in that way.

Deep in my heart, I have passion for contemporary music. If you do not understand what does it means, it basically means everything else other than Classical. After I completed my training with my previous teacher, I went on to teach classical music at a music school. Basically the same old cycle of 3 songs a year for the sake of passing the examination.

I didn't like it. In fact, I was sad when some of my students didn't want to come to my class. There was this once time when I have this student who was constantly asking me to teach her a song by Jay Chou and I had to reject her because her exam was coming in two weeks time. She eventually quit after the examination.

I decided that I HAVE to do something about it. And therefore, I decided to do deep research on how music works, studied contemporary theory extensively and spent many many hours on the piano.

I now have taught over a hundreds of students and I'm enjoying my work everyday. Teaching and performing has become so much fun! I have huge confidence that my teaching method would help you.

Cancellation Policy- No-refund

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There will be no refund for any cancellation made due to any circumstances at any point in time after the transaction of the purchase of the service and/or product. More info on cancellation policies.

Payment Schedule

To secure a booking with this vendor, please pay a 50% deposit via Aiido. The deposit paid will be released to the vendor after the service/product is delivered.

Remaining balance of payment will be collected by the vendor - 70% on the day of the event

Terms & Condition

- If you have any songs/song list that you would like me to perform on your wedding day, please do inform me as soon as possible so I could preparing the song/songs accordingly. It would be good if you could inform me of your song list at least 3 months before your wedding. 

- Please do be inform that I am only providing my piano playing service and I do not provide any instrument or PA system. 

You may wish to check out piano rental companies if the venue does not provide a piano.

Thank you! :) 

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